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Primary School Curriculum
English Curriculum

We aim to provide an inspiring and dynamic English curriculum at Valentina Montessori and Primary School, which fosters a love of poetry and prose from an early age. The library sits at the heart of the school and we believe that reading is the foundation of all learning.

The children are exposed to a wide range of authors and are encouraged to read regularly, both in school and at home, to stimulate their imagination and expand their vocabulary. We recognise the centrality of the English language across the curriculum and the importance of pupils being able to write and express themselves fluently, gradually becoming attentive to nuances and tone in both written and spoken communication.

In Upper Primary, the children study a carefully selected novel each term, using a range of techniques. The novel acts as both a stimulus and high-quality model from which creative writing and comprehension are taught. Emphasis is placed on each child developing the coherence and vivacity of their writing, whilst still improving their syntax, punctuation and spelling.

By the end of Year 6, the children are confident with the requirements of the creative writing and comprehension papers and a range of examination techniques.

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